Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year's Giveaway

I wanted to share a little bit about the family that will be receiving my New Year's Giveaway. Here is a portion of the letter that her sister sent in to nominate her:

"My sister Jessica is a generous, thoughtful, caring person with a big heart... Unfortunately, becoming a mother was not an easy path for her. Jess & her husband tried for 5 years to get pregnant. When she finally got pregnant, she miscarried at 3 months. She was devastated, but always remained positive. A year later, she became pregnant again and after a difficult labor, had a healthy baby boy on Feb. 11, 2006!

Clayton was such a sweet, gentle souled baby... However, around 18 months she noticed some ‘peculiar’ characteristics. He stopped talking; eye contact decreased and developed a few obsessive playing patterns. After speaking with the Doctor and going through some tests, she found out he was autistic. She never said ‘why me’ and just focused on whatever she could do to help Clayton progress with his development... She takes Clayton to a special needs school once a week and has in-home therapy once to twice a week as well.

Clayton is a very sweet, smart boy and is slowing starting to say a few words again. It is music to our ears! Jessica would love the chance to have beautiful pictures taken of her sweet boy. He will be 3 in February and I can’t think of a better birthday present!"

I want to thank everyone who submitted entries for this giveaway. I was touched by each story and the people that you told me about. I appreciate this opportunity and look forward to this very special session.

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